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Background: I have not included films on the GPA, both because I don’t have them in my collection and because they take a lot of room. However, many are available on places like and YouTube. I include a few of the interesting ones that I have encountered on this page to give those interested an idea of what is available.

There is a great deal more out there which you’ll not have difficulty finding. Most are in German, but sometimes you will find English subtitles. If you find something particularly interesting, drop me a note and I may add it to this page.

Miscellaneous Nazi Films

1. Footage from the Nuremberg Rallies of 1927, 1929, and 1933

The first one I'm including is a compilation of Nazi films of the Nuremberg Rallies from 1927, 1929, and 1933. Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will is widely known, as is her film of the 1933 rally. However, the Nazis produced silent films of the two earlier rallies. They are interesting. They lack the power of Riefenstahl’s work. It is also interesting to see how propaganda techniques developed. One of the most effective moments in Triumph of the Will comes when Hitler consecrates new party standards by holding the so-called “Blood Banner” in one hand as he touches new banners with his other hand. Compare that to what happens in the 1929 segment.

The video is on The rather annoying and repetitive music, of course, was not part of the original viewing experience. I recommend turning the sound off while watching it. The full video runs 86 minutes.

Clearly, Nazi propaganda became more polished.

2. Color Footage from 1944 (Panorama)

Late in the war, the Nazis produced a series of color features in a series titled Panorama. This, too, is taken from

The scenes seem designed to distract people from the unpleasantness of the war. The film begins with scenes of Vienna’s Spanish Riding School performing out-of-doors, then moves to Alpine farming, Albania, Hitler Youth exercising, a preview of a forthcoming film, and German soldiers enjoying relaxing activities. There is also some war footage of battles on the Western front, battles in Italy, the Luftwaffe and German navy in action in the north, and Luftwaffe dive-bombers on the Eastern Front. This film is almost 14 minutes in length. Other episodes are available if you search

3. The weekly newsreel from 8 December 1943

Versions of the weekly German newsreel from the World War II period are widely available. Here is one example, again from

This edition includes scenes with Goering, Himmler, and Goebbels. You will find many more if you look.

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