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Background: The Third Reich visual scene was filled with flags, banners, and propaganda items. Someone had to sell such items. This page provides some pages from a summer 1939 catalog. Besides the obviously Nazi items, the catalog includes party items, magnesium torches (for torch-light parades), and much more, in a total of 32 pages.

Nazi Decorative Items (1939)

 Nazi decorative items

The catalog cover. The majority of items in the catalog are nonpolitical.


 Nazi decorative items

This page offers a variety of swastika items. Clicking on the page will provide a larger image that will allow the prices, etc., to be read. The picture to the left is a window decoration, familiar if you’ve seen pictures of festive occasions of the Third Reich. Its size is 80 cm. by 95 cm., and sells for 5.25 marks, not a trivial sum at the time.


 Nazi decorative items

This page offers a variety of party-related display items. The page notes that the items are suitable for framing. There are more items offered than are pictured.


 Antony Eden as a Soviet stooge

These are examples of badgers for various events, including the 1936 and 1937 Nuremberg Rallies, May Day 1935, and a gathering of barbers in Thuringia.


 Nazi decorative items

This page offers a stage backdrop that translates “Work ennobles.” These, it says, can be provided in various sizes and colors.


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