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Background: Hitler turned 50 on 20 April 1939. The Nazis threw a major celebration. These photographs are from a book of photographs published that year by Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s chief photographer. I include about a third of the photographs in the book. The Nazis realized the propaganda value of the image, and carefully controlled what pictures were allowed to reach the public. For example, although Hitler wore reading glasses, he was never seen wearing them in photographs. For other pictures, see a page of Illustrierter Beobachter covers of Hitler.

The source: Heinrich Hoffmann, Ein Volk ehrt seinen Führer. Der 20. April 1939 im Bild (Berlin: Zeitgeschichte-Verlag Wilhelm Andermann, 1939).

Photographs of Adolf Hitler’s 50th Birthday


This is the frontpiece.


This is the guest book for the occasion. Rudolf Hess, on behalf of the Nazi Party, is making the first entry.

 Hitler's 50th birthday

Hermann Göring extends his best wishes.

 Hitler's 50th birthday

Here Hitler is looking at a large model of the West Wall, the fortifications Germany built along the border with France.

 Hitler's 50th birthday

The caption here: “Cheerfully and joyfully, even the smallest children bring their floral bouquets and read their little poems.”




Hitler and three children.


 Hitler's 50th birthday

Hitler saluting passing soldiers.

 Hitler's 50th birthday

Another view, looking toward Hitler in the center.

 50th birthday

Looking down toward Hitler, in the center, as more troops parade by.


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