Miter Basin: The 2002 Sierra Expedition

The goal of the 2002 Sierra Exedition is the Miter Basin, a high area in the southeast corner of Sequoia National Park.

This seems to be an area with educated and hungry bears. Bear canisters will likely be a wise purchase for those who do not have them. Here's a report of a recent bear incident. Snowfall will be of interest to us. The latest snow level is usually available from the California Snow Survey. The 13 June snow report shows that most of the winter snow has melted That's good news, since it means the trails will be clear and the mosquitoes dead by the time we get there.

August 11 (Sunday): Fy to Ontario, California. I'm booked on Northwest 1025, leaving Grand Rapids at 7:25 a.m., arriving Ontario at 10:57 a.m. The airport is about a four-hour drive from Lone Pine. I've reserved rooms at the Best Western Frontier Motel. That will be about $50 per person. I'll check other motels to see if I can find a better rate.

August 12(Monday): We'll drive up to the Cottonwood Pack Station, which will haul our packs over Cottonwood Pass to Soldier Lakes. We need to be at the pack station by 7:00 a.m., which is about a 45 minute drive from Lone Pine up a rather windy road (but better than last year's road). Son David and I will ride all the way up as well (so as to defend our packs against the bears...). The Perseid meteor shower should be in good form this evening.

August 13 (Tuesday): A fairly short hike should bring us into the Miter Basin. We'll set up a base camp.

August 14 (Wednesday): Exploring the Miter Basin

August 15 (Thursday): Exploring the Miter Basin. Some of us might climb Mt. Pickering.

August 16 (Friday): Catch-up day. As usual, something will likely happen to delay or captivate us.

August 17 (Saturday): Hike over New Army Pass to the Cottonwood Lakes area.

August 18 (Sunday): Hike out and drive to airport. We have four rooms booked at the Hilton Ontario (700 N. Haven Avenue). I went through Priceline and got the same price as Motel 6. Celebratory dinner.

August 19 (Monday): Fly back to Grand Rapids. I'm booked on Northwest 1026, leaving at 6:50 a.m.

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Confirmed participants :

  • Randy Bytwerk
  • Carl Plantinga
  • Cindy Kok
  • Henry DeVries
  • Bob Kragt
  • Dave Bosma
  • David Hoekema
  • Peggy Goetz
  • David Bytwerk


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