East of Yosemite: The 2003 Sierra Expedition

The goal of the 2003 Sierra Exedition is the that part of the Sierra to the east of Yosemite. We'll explore some fabulous country along the John Muir Trail, then head along the east slope of the Sierra over a series of passes, escaping over Mono Pass, where several of us spent time in 1999. I've somehow avoided hiking through most of this country before, even though it is among the most spectacular terrain in the High Sierra. It is also bear country, and I believe canisters are required.

August 10 (Sunday): Fy to Reno. We'll drive to the June Lake area, between Mammoth Lakes and Lee Vining. We'll spend the night at the trusty Motel 6 in Mammoth, since it's cheaper than the places in June Lake, and besides, most of June Lake's hoteleries have a two night minimum stay.

August 11(Monday): I'm working with the Frontier Pack Station to bring the packs up from Silver Lake to Weber Lake, about 8 miles and 2700 vertical feet. Expect bears.

August 12 (Tuesday): Explore the Thousand Island Lake area. The Perseid meteor shower should be in good form this evening.

August 13 (Wednesday): As usual, I'd like to try a mountain. We'll hike up to Donahue Pass (11,040 ft.) and then to the peak, if there is sufficient energy.

August 14 (Thursday): Catch-up day. Something will occur to us.

August 15 (Friday): Hike over Gem Pass to Alger Lakes

August 16 (Saturday): Hike over Koip Pass and Parker Pass to Mono Pass.

August 17 (Sunday): Hike down Bloody Canyon. It's about 3,000 feet down from Mono Pass, and we might opt for hiking down to the Tioga Pass road, a much shorter hike, though it will require spotting a car at the trailhead there. Drive to Reno.

August 18 (Monday): Fly back to Grand Rapids.

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Confirmed Participants:

  • Randy Bytwerk
  • Dan Vandersteen
  • Bob Kragt
  • Ed Van Beek
  • Jim Bradley
  • Jon Kapenga
  • David & Susan Hoekema

Possible Participant

  • David Bytwerk

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