2006 Sierra Expedition

Pioneer Basin

The picture is taken from this site: http://community.webshots.com/photo/91504903/91504903GYdrbD

The Pioneer Basin is a lovely area that I've been to three times before, but the only person on the list who has been there with me is Bob Kragt, and that was a long time ago. After several years of challenging hikes, this one will be relatively easy. I'm planning on a base camp in the Pioneer Basin. We'll have our packs carried up by the mules, which will make it possible to hike up to the basin in a day. The packer tells me that campfires are allowed at the lower end of the basin. The scenery isn't quite as good — but I'm inclined to go where we can have a fire. The plan is to set up a base camp, and take day hikes from there. Mt. Stanford and Mt. Hopkins are easy climbs, both of which I've done before. We could also cross-country over one of several passes to neighboring basins. Several of us may take an overnight excursion away from camp, easier since we won't have to carry everything.

August 6: Fly from Grand Rapids to Las Vegas. The flight gets to Las Vegas at 4:45. I'm not sure yet if it makes sense to stay the night there, or drive most of the way to Bishop.

August 7: Night in Bishop. Depending on what we do on the 6th, we may have time to wander through Death Valley, or do a day hike.

August 8: Hike into Pioneer Basin from the unfortunately named Mosquito Flat. The Rock Creek Pack Station will haul our packs up. Camp at the lower lake (Mud Lake...).

August 9: Pioneer Basin. Climb Mt. Stanford?

August 10: Pioneer Basin. Head over to Fourth Recess Lake?

August 11: Pioneer Basin. Possible overnight trip to a neighboring basin?

August 12: Pioneer Basin. Climb Mt. Hopkins?

August 13: Hike out, drive to Las Vegas. Celebratory dinner (time permitting).

August 14: Leave Las Vegas at 1:00 a.m. on NW 774. Arrive Grrand Rapids at 9:23 a.m.

Here is a report of several hikes in the area:

Lots of photographs of the area

A 2003 trip.

An extended report, starting from Edison Lake.This hike was in June. The snow is gone by August.

Some climbing reports.

Confirmed Participants:

Randy Bytwerk
Bob Kragt
Marlene Sonderfan
Ed Van Beek
Dan Vandersteen

Possible Participants:

David Bytwerk

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