2008 Sierra Expedition

The Dusy Basin or the Emigrant Wilderness


Two options this time. The choice will depend on the participants' level of energy (and affection for campfires). The first option is to use the Dusy Basin, on the far side of Bishop Pass, as a base camp. This is a high area (we'd be camped at around 11,400 ft.). There are enough easy peaks and interesting dayhike to keep us occupied for perhaps four nights. We'd take a detour to some interesting lakes on the way out. There are no campfires allowed anywhere in this itinerary. The second option is the Emigrant Wilderness, a compact area north of Yosemite. I've never been there. It is a bit more populated, but is by all reports a lovely area (and we could camp at elevations permitting fires). This hike has no major up segments. It drops several thousand feet on the last day. Both options are outlined below, the alternate in green.

We'll fly into Reno or Las Vegas. I'm including two dates, a week apart — as usual, timing will depend on the 2007-2008 Sierra snowfall.

August 2/9: Fly from Grand Rapids to Reno or Las Vegas. Night in Bishop.

Alternate: Fly to Reno, drive to Pinecrest.

August 3/10: Hike in. 7 miles. Our gear will be packed in to the Dusy Basin by the Rainbow Pack Station. Night in Dusy Basin (around 11,400. No fires).

Alternate: Hike in from the trailhead (8650 ft.) about twelve miles to Long Lake (8700). Our gear will be packed in by the Aspen Meadows Pack Station. The trail has a bunch of ups and downs, but none of them grueling.

August 4/11: General exploring and scrambling about the area. Night in Dusy Basin.

Alternate: Explore the area around Long Lake. Night at Long Lake

August 5/12: Climb Geraud Peak (12, 585 ft.). Night in Dusy Basin.

Alternate: Climb Granite Dome. Night at Long Lake.

August 6/13: Head up Knapsack Pass, either climbing Columbine Peak or heading to Barrett Lakes. Night in Dusy Basin

Alternate: Hike 7.5 miles to Emigrant Lake (8800 feet). Again, some ups and downs, but nothing major.

August 7/14: Hike over Bishop Pass to Ruwau Lake. Night at Ruwau Lake.

Alternate: Depending on energy levels, we'll either camp at Summit Creek (about 6.5 miles), or do a little cross-countrying to Lewis Lakes.

August 8/15: Climb Chocolate Peak (easy). Night at Ruwau Lake.

Alternate: Layover day as needed.

August 9/16: Hike out, drive to airport. Celebratory dinner.

August 10/17: Leave for Grand Rapids

Links on the areas:

Option 1 links:

A tentative map (main route in red, day hikes/alternate routes in blue)

A September 2007 trip report

Pictures from a 2006 trip

Option 2 links:

A tentative map (main route in red, day hikes/alternate routes in blue)

The Emigrant Wilderness web site

Information on Granite Dome

A 2001 helicopter crash on Granite Dome

Confirmed Participants:

Randy Bytwerk
Dan Vandersteen

Possible Participants:

Bob Alderink
Rik Swartzwelder
Ed Van Beek

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