2012 Sierra Expedition:

Return to the Emigrant Wildernes


The destination this year is the Emigrant Wilderness. Dan Vander Steen, Ed Van Beek, and I explored part of the area in 2008 and agreed, I think, that it was worth another trip. This time, we will be largely off-trail just to the north of the boundary with Yosemite National Park. Campfires are permitted in the entire area.

Emigrant Map


July 29 (Sunday): Fly to San Francisco. I'll find a motel in the area.

July 30 (Monday): We'll be packed in from the Crabtree trailhead by the Aspen Valley Pack Station, which we also used in 2008. I need to talk with them to see how far they can get us — I suspect it will be to Rososco Lake (upper left of the map).

July 31 (Tuesday): We will head toward Big Lake. There will probably be a use trail most, perhaps all, of the way. It looks like a good place to camp.

August 1 (Wednesday): We will day hike from Big Lake. In the evening we'll hold a solemn council to decide what to do next. We may want to stay at Big Lake, since there seem to be enough things to do. Alternatively, we could head northeast toward Red Can Lake, of which I have pleasant memories.

August 2 (Thursday): To be decided.

August 2 (Friday): To be decided.

August 3 (Saturday): Hike back to Crabtree, drive to San Francisco.

August 4 (Sunday): Fly back to Grand Rapids.


A Fall 2008 report

A September 2010 report

A July 2011 report

If you use Google Earth, enter “Pingree Lake, CA,” and you will be in the middle of the area.

Confirmed Participants:

Randy Bytwerk
Bob Alderink
Assorted Hendriksmas (3)
Dan Vandersteen

Other Wilderness Wanderers:

Ed Van Beek & Paul Vander Weide will be hiking in the same general area, but with a different itinerary.

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